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CAC Gas & Instrumentation

Calibration Gas & Gas Mixtures

CAC GAS supplies precision gravimetric calibration gases and high purity specialty gas mixtures for all industrial, mining and laboratory applications where precision and accuracy is required.

- Non-refillable cylinders
- Large volume cylinders
- High Purity Gases, & Specialty Gases
- Bump Test Gas/Bump Test Station
- Pressure Regulators, Fixed flow regulators,
- On demand flow regulators, Dial a flow regulators
- Carrying cases & Tubing
- Gas Generators/Gas Distribution Systems

CAC can provide gases for all applications whether it is gas detection instruments, breath alcohol , environmental, mining, stack gas, process or laboratory analysers.

Calibration gas cylinders are available in sizes from 34 litre to 7500 litres.

Our unique 112 litre non-refillable cylinder provides a 20-25% cost savings for gas detection customers calibrating portable and fixed systems gas detection devices.

Calibration gas is stocked in Sydney and Perth ready for shipment throughout Australia and New Zealand.

CAC understands customers where on time delivery and management of large numbers of calibration cylinders is required. We also cater for the small applications and speciality gases where only one cylinder may be needed for a particular application.

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