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Case Study: Marand and Boeing

Supplier: Fallshaw Group
04 June, 2012

Electrodrive and Marand Precision Engineering delivered a turnkey solution for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Moving heavy tooling around a production site can be difficult.  When it needs to happen seamlessly as part of a turnkey operation for Boeing, you really need to get it right.

Marand first came to Electrodrive in 2006, commissioning a fleet of Powered Trolleys that have become a key part of their processes.  When Marand needed to expand their capacity for Boeing's 787 Dreamliner, they worked with Electrodrive to specify an additional 16 Power Trolleys.  

These trolleys include a customised top to specifically suit the load requirements, as well as a restricted space handle and speed control.

For Marand, they have been able to seamlessly integrate a heavy moving requirement into their operations; improving productivity and work conditions.  And most significantly, safety is improved with the elimination of heavy lifting and pushing, with the workforce feeling supported and valued.

About Marand

  • Aerospace division supplies leading Australian and international airlines and manufacturers.
  • Leading in automation and mechanical ground support equipment and tooling.

Benefits of implementation

  • Reduced manual handling, eliminating heavy lifting and pushing
  • Increased efficiency in process automation
  • Reduced operator fatigue
  • Achieved a specialist engineered solution


"In order to expand our customer Boeing's capacity in manufacturing components for the new 787 Dreamliner, we needed to source similar custom powered materials handling trolleys.  The trolleys we purchased from Electrodrive in 2006 have proven to be the perfect solution to handling precision tooling safely.  We had no hesitation in contacting Electrodrive to supply another 16 units to meet the growing needs of our customer's operation."

Jerry Kops, Program Manager Aerospace Automation

Marand Precision Engineering, March 2012