Is writing a Case Study really that easy?

Telling a story is one of the most powerful ways to pass on knowledge and Case Studies are the ultimate storytelling tool to promote industrial products & solutions.

When we ask our clients to do more Case Studies we hear them say nervously: "but they take so long to produce and are so technical and boring to read!"

Well, the good news is they aren't as hard to put together as you might think. The best Case Studies are no longer than 300 words, broken down into these 3 simple headings:

What was the problem
The challenge or problem your client wanted to solve. This can include some history of the situation and what related issues it was causing for them.

What was the solution
The approach your client chose to take with your solution and how they arrived at the decision. 

What were the results
The specific results, benefits and outcomes the client experienced as a result of the solution.

How to put the content together

What's even more exciting is that you can get your customers to do most of the work! Ask them these questions and weave their answers into the above 3 sections:

  • When was there a time you used one of our products to solve a challenge?
  • What was the challenge you were facing?
  • What was the event that finally triggered you to assess or solution?
  • What made our solution stand out from others you were looking at?
  • Tell us what happened from the time you purchased our product to when you started using it (the supply and installation process) 
  • What were the specific results or benefits you experienced from using the product?
  • Were there any other benefits or results that came as a result of this change?

Other do's and don'ts

  • Do use good pictures and videos where possible.
  • Do get someone in house to proofread the final piece before publishing
  • Do write in easy to read language avoiding the use of frequent and overly technical jargon
  • Don't use promotional language so your article comes across credibly


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