Choosing reliable vehicle lift and wheel aligner for automotive wheel alignment jobs

When it comes to wheel alignment, it's important to have reliable wheel aligner and alignment lift for quality work to save time and money for workshop owners. Interequip Pty Ltd has a couple options

Not compromising with quality for hoist, Interequip supplies Powerrex, 100% made in Korea 4 post alignment lift (SL3600A 4.5 ton or SL6000A 6 ton) or aligner scissor lift (SL5600A 4.5 ton or SL6600X 6 ton)

Today the appearances of workshops are being included as part of the overall marketing strategy for businesses to help build customer confidence. With this in mind Powerrex lifts can be ordered in custom colours to suit the purchaser’s corporate identity and the specific requirements of the dealership. It’s as simple as providing the RAL codes at the time of order.

For Powerrex to achieve a consistent top quality product they manufacture the Powerrex lifts in Korea, being under the same ownership of their steel manufacturing plant and their own in house state of the art powder coating line Powerrex can completely control all aspects of production guaranteeing the highest quality lifts are consistently delivered to their dealers.. 

For wheel aligner, 3D technology is quick, user-friendly, precise and hassle free  procedure and pretty much replaced the old CCD camera technology. Interequip supplies 3 models of 3D aligner with different budgets for users to choose. Autoalign VH8 offers high spec camera and mobile capacity to move between bays, while VH7 is a space-saving 3D aligner fixed to the floor with lower camera resolution. Vamag is an experienced and well known 3D wheel aligner made in Italy. It offers start-of-the-art European quality 3D alignment machine with camera beam either attached to the ceiling, hang on the wall or fixed with beam on the floor.

Interequip offers discount for 3D aligner and vehicle lift combo. Please contact us at Interequip.


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