Combi Oven Installation Essentials

This article will guide you through the essentials, including ventilation, power or gas needs, and water supply considerations,

With an emphasis on water quality and the benefits of ventless canopies.


Proper ventilation is non-negotiable when setting up a combi oven. Given the steam and heat these ovens emit, you need a robust system to manage and expel this output:

Traditional Hood or Extractor Fan: Both the Rational and Unox models recommend the use of efficient hoods or extractor fans positioned above the appliance. This setup ensures effective heat and steam removal, thus preventing unwanted moisture build-up.

Ventless Canopy: An innovative solution, ventless canopies come with in-built air purification systems. This means you can place your electric combi oven virtually anywhere in your kitchen without needing a traditional vent to the outside. They filter and clean the expelled air, making it a perfect solution for kitchens where conventional ventilation might be challenging.

Local Regulations: It's prudent to check local building codes and guidelines concerning commercial kitchen ventilation. Certain regions might have specific standards.


The model of your oven dictates whether you'd need an electrical or gas connection:

Electrical Setup: Confirm the oven's voltage and amperage specifications. To avoid any mishaps, employ a licensed electrician to manage the electrical necessities, as some high-capacity models may mandate a unique circuit.

Gas Connection: If your combi oven operates on gas, it's vital to have a consistent and safe gas supply. Given the potential dangers of gas, it's advisable to always seek professional installation.


Water isn't merely a component; it's central to a combi oven's functionality:

Direct Water Connection: Some ovens demand a direct water line for constant steam generation. Therefore, ensure that the water supply is close to the oven.

Drainage System: Ensure there’s an efficient drainage solution close by to manage the byproduct of the steam.

Water Quality: The efficacy of your combi oven hinges greatly on the water quality. Hard water contains minerals, and can lead to scale accumulation, impeding oven performance. Both Rational and Unox emphasise the criticality of water quality in their usage guidelines.

Water Treatment Systems: If your water supply is on the harder side, it’s wise to include a water softener or treatment module. Regular maintenance, and periodic descaling, further extends the oven's lifespan. Both Rational and Unox’s official portals offer a treasure trove of maintenance insights.


While a combi oven promises culinary versatility, its installation is an intricate process. Ensuring appropriate ventilation (consider the merits of a ventless canopy), adequate power or gas provisions, and an optimal water connection are paramount. Equally crucial is maintaining the recommended water quality. Whether you're eyeing models from Rational’s line-up or exploring Unox’s offerings, always refer to the specific model guidelines for a smooth installation journey.

Disclaimer: The content provided is for general guidance. For detailed insights and specific models, always refer to the brand’s official website or consult with the manufacturer.


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