Compressed Air Installation for Tyre Repair Centre

Recent installation of an a new 30kw Rotary screw compressor package including refrigerated dryer and vertical 500ltr receiver.

Project Details:

The client required high volumes of compressed air to operate pneumatic tyre repair tools within their workshop due to the operators having to stop and wait for the current Atlas Copco Compressor to rebuild pressure to allow the tools to operate properly. In addition, this factory requires large volumes of compressed air to inflate the mining and earth moving tyres from the Hunter Valley mines.

The installation including connecting the compressor with 40mm Poly piping with the dryer and receiver.

The client now has an efficient and effective tyre workshop where the output and turn around of tyre repairs has increased.

Installed Equipment:

  • RDF Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer.(12cfm – 671cfm).RDF SERIES
  • Series Vertical Air Receiver Tanks.AR-V SERIES
  • SB Fixed Speed Base Mount Rotary Screw Air Compressor.(UP TO 75HP)


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