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Simoco has over 65 years of experience in the radio communications market.

The Simoco range of mobile and portable radio equipment is designed by Australian owned TMC Radio, and supplied around the world through a network of distributors and re-sellers.

The mobiles and portables use a common DSP architecture to achieve maximum functionality and are a mature platform for today’s P25 digital communications. The radio is unmatched by any known competitor and has been designed to support a wide variety of plug in option boards to provide an almost limitless platform for customer integration choices.

Simoco's next generation of Base Stations and Infrastructure products use an IP platform to provide flexibility and make an innovative building block for advanced radio systems.

It started with PYE in 1939. Between 1970 and 1996 it was Philips. Since 1996 it has been Simoco.

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It started with PYE in 1939…During World War 2, PYE designed and manufactured wireless radios for the military.

In 1947 the first PYE commercial radio was used in police cars by the British Home Office.

PYE started to manufacture radios in Australia in 1952.

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