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Conon Motor

Conon Motor is a company mainly dealt with electrical motors located in Melbourne, Australia. We sell all kinds of motors for different uses. Besides motors and their related products like pulleys, flanges, variable frequency drives, air dynamic products are the other main part we are dealing with, we have a lot of quality air compressors, air dryers in stock. Most of our products are from trustable supplier from different countries, and we do 12-24 month (terms apply) guarantee on our products.

About Our Products:
Motors on sale are on a wide range from 0.12kw to 37kw, from single phase to three phase to satisfy all kinds of requirements of our customers. Motors of GMYL series are single phase motors with dual capacitors, this kind of motors are working under 240v single phase electricity. Motors of both GL series and YX3 series are three phase motors running under 415v three phase electricity, these motors can be connected with a variable frequency drive (VFDs which are also on sale in our store) to change their speed. The difference is GL series is entry level but quality good enough to satisfy your needs. Compared with it, YX3 series is more efficient and environmental friendly. We also have all kinds of pulleys come with our motors designed according to the newest Australian Industrial Standard.

Quality Pneumatic Device Specialist:
As qualified aerodynamic device supplier, we have a series of aerodynamic products for you to choose. We’ve got both piston air compressors and rotary air compressors of which sizes are from 2.2kw to 37kw. Most of our compressors are our reliable home brand, they are good quality and reasonable price. We also sell air compressors from Chicago Pneumatic, which is the leading brand in this area. Besides, we also have quantity of refrigerated air dryers from 20CFM to 386CFM in stock. No matter you are a personal buyer or want to become our distributor, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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