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Control Components

Control Components | Flow, Level, Pressure & Water/Waste Water Sensors

Control Components

Control Components imports, locally manufactures and distributes sensors used in process control systems and equipment manufacturing. Applications include:

• Flow, Level, Pressure and Water / Wastewater sensors
• Mining, water / wastewater treatment, process control, chemical, food, oil / gas / petrochemical, manufacturing & marine industries

Most brands are exclusively distributed by Control Components in Australia directly and through a network of technical partners and catalogue wholesalers and resellers. We are on call whenever you need us for technical and application support, product selection advice, price and availability.

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Our Brands Include:

• McDonnell & Miller (Xylem) - paddle & shuttle type liquid and air flow switches, boiler controls and water level shut-offs
• Besta - Trimod float level switches (electric & pneumatic) and level transmitters
• Weka - magnetic visual level indicators and level transmitters
• Gems Sensors & Controls - flow, level and pressure switches / sensors
• CC Level - custom built level switches
• Kari - tilt type float level switches and pump controllers
• AW, Sabre & Lake Monitors - positive displacement and variable area flow sensors and meters
• ITT Neo-Dyn - pressure (differential pressure), vacuum and temperature switches
• ITT Conoflow - pressure regulators, transducers and relays
• Eletta - differential pressure (orifice plate) flow switches, monitors and meters including the TIVG
• Sitron - thermal dispersion flow sensors, level transmitters (capacitive, hydrostatic), conductive level switches and vibration sensors
• KEM - precision flow meters including positive displacement round & helical gear, turbine, vortex and Coriolis technologies
• Kayden Instruments - thermal dispersion flow switches
• Cerlic - water and wastewater sensors including suspended solids, dissolved oxygen, pH, redox and sludge blanket monitors (both automatic & handheld)
• Trimec Industries, Trimec Flow Products & Flomec - positive displacement and turbine flow meters
• BM Tecnologie - clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters

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