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Control Network Vnet/IP

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Vnet/IP, Yokogawa's control network for the production control systems of the future, was introduced in 2004.

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Achilles Level 1+ Robustness Against Cyber Attack New

Yokogawa has received Achilles Level 1+ certification for Vnet/IP controllers.

What is Required in a Control Network?

Our users require the ability to incorporate commercially available communication devices in their network systems while maintaining the high reliability, real-time control capability, and stable communications that are the hallmarks of conventional control networks.

  • The aim is not just to benefit from general-purpose technologies, but to create a common platform that can connect with a variety of equipment.
  • Users are looking to reduce network configuration costs by utilizing the latest commercially available network equipment.
  • A wider selection of communications media must be available and network configuration must be more flexible.

New Control Network (Vnet/IP)

A new control network protocol that incorporates general communication functions and enables highly reliable, real-time, and stable communications is now available.

  • Name: Vnet/IP- This new control network protocol is called Vnet/IP because it is compatible with Vnet and used the IP Internet protocol for general-purpose communications.
  • Vnet/IP is a 1-Gbps control network that is functionally compatible with V net and is based on the Ethernet protocol.
  • The IEC is considering the certification of Vnet/IP as an industrial communications standard.

Control Network Innovation

Vnet/IP, Yokogawa's control network for the production control systems of the future, was introduced in 2004.

How Does Vnet/IP Compare to V net?

Vnet/IP has all the advantages of V net, which remains an excellent control network, while offering substantially higher throughput.

  • Compatibility - Supports V net-compatible protocols and incorporates all V net communications functions
  • Reliability (Redundant bus configuration) - Features a robust redundant configuration that switches buses quickly in event of failure - equivalent to V net
  • Performance - Response times are equivalent to V net’s, but throughput is up to ten times greater, depending on the performance of the communications station.

Reliability (functional compatibility)

Vnet/IP incorporates all current V net services.


  • Same fast response times of V net
  • Throughput approximately ten times greater(*) than V net
  • Monitoring of station status (updating live list) at 1-second intervals, same as with V net
  • Time synchronization accuracy of 1 millisecond within the same domain

(*)* The actual throughput depends on the performance of the communication station.

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