Reducing Cotton On's stretch wrap consumption and wastage.

One of Australia’s largest and most successful fashion powerhouses with its distribution centre in Avalon, Victoria. Cotton On and Omni Group are committed partners in their commitment to reducing plastic waste.

Omni Group recommended and supplied its lowest profile and efficient pallet wrapping machines, the Plana to the Cotton On business, following a comprehensive assessment of the business’ needs and incumbent pallet wrapping wrapping plastic consumption.

The problem:

  • Non power pre-stretch pallet wrapping machines that were using a thicker and lower performing stretch wrap.
  • Excess wrapping of pallets using thicker, lower performing stretch wrap.
  • High plastic wrap usage due to volume.
  • Excessive amounts of plastic waste for disposal.

The solution:

A combined implementation of Plana pallet wrapping machines with Omni’s Elite film created a solution that saved Cotton On significantly in stretch wrap consumption and waste. The business was able to make savings on both their stretch wrap usage and on their environmental footprint.

In addition, as the low-profile Plana pallet wrapping machine does not require a forklift to situate pallets, Cotton On also saved significant space in their warehouse, enabling pallets to be loaded in a forklift-free zone.

The result:

The Omni Group pallet wrapping solution for Cotton On*:

  • Using Omni Group’s Plana Pallet wrapping machines and Elite stretch wrap.
  • The Plana pallet wrapping machine allowed for this stretch wrap to increase its yield by nearly 250%.
  • Stretch wrap usage reduced by 56%.
  • Spend on stretch wrap decreased by nearly half.
  • Environmental impact – a reduction of approximately 130 skip bins of plastic annually.
  • Efficient use of warehouse space for additional pallet wrapping.

Cotton On’s testimonial:

“We’re excited to partner with leading industrial packaging supplier Omni Group to roll out the Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution at its Australian Distribution Centre in Avalon, Victoria. This innovative and sustainable packaging solution will be a game-changer for the Group, helping to reduce its pallet stretch wrap used in the DC and for our store deliveries by 66 per cent. This move is all part of the Group’s commitment to doing good in reducing our environmental footprint.” Barnaby Gray, Head of Central Operations, Cotton On Group.

*Based on a controlled assessment of Cotton On’s stretch wrap usage conducted by Omni Group expert packaging consultants.

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