Country Chef’s growth creates a need for speed

Emrich Industries are once again the chosen supplier for flow wrapping machinery at Country Chef.

Since 1993 the Bartlett family has devoted many year’s worth of industry knowledge and experience into creating high quality, unique desserts, to a growing number of customers and clients. To cope with the rapid growth of the business, Country Chef has recently ordered a new design PFM Pearl Servo to complement their existing PFM Falcon Servo wrapper.

Ideal for companies producing multiple size packs, the new Pearl is highly flexible and comes with a host of advanced features. Operator friendly in design, the ergonomically designed colour touch screen can be easily adjusted to change all the machine operating parameters. These include the sealing temperature of the film, the fin-seal rollers and the transverse sealing crimpers, which can then be saved in the memory for subsequent recall.

A major advantage of the Pearl is that it automatically adjusts the bag length, print registration position, the crimping alignment and the wrapping speed to suit each application. The innovative film seal assembly includes three sets of rollers for film pulling, film sealing and film seal fold-over.

“Both PFM wrappers give us operational simplicity,” said Damian Bartlett, Country Chef’s Production Manager. “The machines are also very flexible and they ensure we have a smooth process, which means throughput is consistently high and uninterrupted. Emrich is very sensitive to our service and maintenance needs, which gives us great confidence that our PFM wrapping machines can continue to operate trouble-free.”



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