Why does my DPF filter need cleaning ?

Supplier: Cost Effective Maintenance By: Jimmy Dever
20 May, 2020

Owners of diesel-powered cars, utes and 4×4’s are likely to see a dramatic increase in the need for DPF filter cleaning.

Don’t replace the DPF filter unnecessarily.

If your vehicle is falling into the category of only being driven for short trips, with very little highway driving it is more than likely that your DPF filter will start to suffer.

Once the DPF warning light starts to flash the vehicle needs to go to the dealer or mechanic. Which is a nuisance, but it’s likely to be just the first of many visits, as they try and burn out all the soot that’s blocking up the filter.

Why DPF filter cleaning is so important…

If you’re out of warranty, this is where it gets expensive!

The DPF may need to be removed and physically cleaned, or in many cases, even replaced at $3000-$5000!!   The real solution is to address the root cause of the problem, by minimizing the amount of soot produced. DPF cleaning can be a cost-effective fix, when using FTC Decarbonizer fuel treatment.

This is a well-established, easy to use fuel treatment, which prevents  DPF problems entirely, fixing existing regeneration problems. So long as your affected vehicle is drivable, FTC Decarbonizer  will almost always fix it.

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