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FTC Diesel & Petrol Engine Decarbonizer

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The FTC Decarbonizer has fully endorsed fuel savings (5-8 per cent) and greenhouse reductions; it deglazes cylinders, de-cokes engines and cuts diesel smoke and oil soot.

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FTC Decarbonizer improves energy efficiency, reduces undesirable exhaust emissions, and removes carbon deposits from petrol and diesel engines. In addition, it actually burns away hard carbon deposits from combustion and exhaust spaces.

FTC achieves a faster fuel burn by creating a multiple flame front development, and even provides a fuel efficiency benefit in new engines (Documented in numerous trials by major recognised testing authorities). The major part of CEM's business is supplying energy savings and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reductions for large open cut mining operations. This involves the use of accurate instrumentation in scientifically controlled and carefully monitored field trials to provide statistical validation.

For every tonne of diesel burnt, three tonnes of carbon dioxide are produced! Large mining houses are committed to minimising their GHG outputs, so it really is a win-win solution.

Typical mine mobile and highway truck fleets achieve 6 - 8 per cent fuel saving. Imagine if worldwide we could cut GHG emissions by 6 per cent...how much breathing space would that give us to implement clean energy technologies to replace fossil fuels?

With improved combustion efficiency, also comes a measurable power improvement, which results in faster machine cycle times. A mere 1 per cent productivity gain can mean extra revenue of $10 million or more, for a large coal mine.

FTC Decarboniser is ideal for safely running in new engines, as well as burning off cylinder glaze and build-up of hard carbon from combustion and exhaust spaces. Engines using FTC become totally free of hard carbon. Improved top ring cleanliness and cleaner combustion also result in cleaner oil quality (less oil soot).

FTC can correct smoke, power loss, heavy fuel consumption, blow-by, oil dripping and hard starting.

FTC is not detrimental to engines. In fact, additional service life can be  attributed directly to FTC use. Importantly, addition of FTC to fuel does not alter the physical or chemical properties of fuel, and engine warranty is unaffected.

Improved fuel efficiency, reduced greenhouse emissions, reduced exhaust particulate matter, and cleaner, longer lasting engines make FTC Decarboniser the way to go for productivity, cost reduction and environmental footprint.

Just 1Ltr of FTC decarbonizer treats 1600Ltrs of Diesel.

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