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Couplemate Trailer Parts

The professionals at Couplemate Trailer Parts can make upgrading your axles and brakes a lot easier.

We help you select correct springs, axles and brake parts for your setup. Unless you are lucky enough to be in a group of travellers or friends that know and discuss their issues, trailer parts selection can be difficult.

You might not know all the best trailer parts. You might not know how to select the right trailer parts. Our job is to help you select the right parts over the phone, it's that easy.

Tell us where you are travelling or intend to travel over the coming years and we will produce a setup that will provide a happy holiday experience.

The truth is, folks have different needs and will travel to different parts of Australia. For the same trailer or camper there are many different setups that vary in cost to the weight you wish to carry. Here are a few setup examples.

Highway Use
Off-road Use
Extreme Off-road Use
Or just around Town
Did you know that every time you holiday, you add weight to your rig. Sounds too easy but many rigs become overweight after a few years adding a few kilos each year. We recommend overbuild 20%.

When building or modifying a trailer there are two critical issues that will decide your purchase.

(a) Weight you wish to carry.

(b) Cost

The more weight you wish to carry, the higher the cost.

We can confidently build a reliable rig for you that will venture into Cape York or the Pilbara Country if that is where you wish to travel. City, Highway or Off-Road rigs vary slightly depending on your requirements.

Custom setups are common and it is great when your setup fits perfect first time and performs like a dream. There is no standard setup or standard axle width.

We do not send axle parts unassembled because YOU want your axle setup PERFECT and WE want it to fit PERFECT. So your axle assembly is put together by an expert using the best parts available on the Australian market.

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