Custom Water Tanks: One Product, Multiple Applications

Custom Water Tanks: One Product, Multiple Applications

Did you know that professional manufacturers can customize a concrete tank according to your requirements? You can get a highly durable concrete tank customized according to your needs, and you can use it for a wide range of applications that you wouldn’t have imagined before. 

However, you cannot get custom water tanks from just any tank supplier and expect the same benefits. Only a reliable manufacturer can get your tank customized according to various requirements. Let’s understand how:

How Manufacturers Customize Concrete Tanks

Top-class manufacturers are equipped with the most advanced technology and machinery that allows them to customize without compromising on the strength of the tanks. The concrete used for such tanks is also a high-strength combination that provides superior durability.

For casting, the best tank manufacturers use a precast moulding system to produce the tank in a single unit with uniform thickness and concrete density. So, the finished product is highly durable, looks compact, and fits your needs well.

Because of the option of customisation, concrete tanks are being used for a wide range of applications. It is, in fact, safe to say that no other type of tank has such a wide range of implementations.

Let’s take a look at the various uses of customized concrete tanks.

1) Underground Tanks
Let’s start with the obvious. Top-quality concrete tanks can be used as underground water storage tanks at residential facilities. You can get the tank customized according to your requirements and get it installed underground as a safe water storage unit for your home. The entire tank will be hidden away, but it will provide you with a sufficient supply of clean water.

2) OSD Tanks & Retention Tanks
On-site Detention Tanks and Retention Tanks are extremely essential in regions at frequent flood risk. An OSD tank is even mandatory in many suburbs of Australia. So, if you are constructing a new property, you need to get an OSD tank built and get it approved by the local authority. The easiest way to do this is to get a custom-made concrete tank from a professional supplier. You just need to provide the required specifications, and the manufacturers will supply the required detention or retention systems right on time.

3) Wine Cellar
Ever dreamed of having your own wine cellar in your basement? Getting an underground wine cellar at your home is now possible! All you need to do is contact an expert concrete tanks manufacturer and get a concrete wine cellar customized for your needs. A concrete wine cellar is the most cost-effective and reliable wine storage option for wine collectors. And the best part is, you can get it installed underground.

4) Dangerous Goods Storage
Due to its non-reactive properties, custom-made concrete tanks are perfect for dangerous goods storage. You can get the desired number of tanks customized directly from the manufacturer at affordable rates for industrial storage of dangerous chemicals.

5) Fire fighting Tanks
Concrete tanks can also be customized and used as fire fighting tanks at residential properties. A firefighting tank is an above-ground water tank with custom valves and orifices compatible with firefighting equipment. With bushfires becoming more and more frequent, firefighting tanks are must-haves at all residential properties, and compared to other options, a concrete custom water tank proves to be the most reliable.


As mentioned earlier, there is simply no other tank with such a wide range of applications.

So, do not take the risk of going for other non-reliable tank options. If you need any of the above storage units, the best choice is to get a concrete tank custom-made directly from the manufacturer.


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