Customised Tinted Acrylic Roofing Sheet

There are some unprecedented weather patterns across Australia over the last decade. Hailstorms, bushfires, drought, floods, and exceptional storms are being regularly experienced in months which were not known for these occurrences previously.

Consequently, structures such as pergolas, glazing panels, skylights, roofing panels and awnings are impacted by hailstorms and strong winds.

Our team at Allplastics Architectural Division recently utilised custom made 12mm Tint DONCHAMP® Acrylic panels for the replacement of pergola panels damaged by the hailstorm in Sydney’s northern suburb of Duffy’s Forest, our sales team worked collaboratively with the property owner, insurance companies and builders to achieve a customisable outcome to satisfy the customer’s specific requirements.

Grey tint was chosen to match the surrounds of the house and minimise UV ray transmission in the hot summer days

The panels were custom made for the project and expertly installed by Craig Lambert.

The DONCHAMP® Acrylic Sheets come with a 30-year warranty for Clear Acrylic Sheets and a 10 year warranty for Tinted panel options. Standard sheet sizes are 1220x2440 or 3050x2050; however, for large projects we can custom make special sizes. Minimum order quantities.

The combination of a lightweight, durable and aesthetically attractive features makes DONCHAMP® Acrylic Panels a great alternative to glass and other roofing elements.

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