Drainage Cell Solutions – Project Profiles

Supplier: KHD Landscape Engineering Solutions
25 October, 2013

KHD supplies sub soil drainage cells which was innovatively used on two diverse projects.

Hickory Project – Melbourne CBD

The Istana project designed by CK Designworks a 25-storey, single-tower residential apartment block developed in the heart of Melbourne's CBD.

To reduce excavation and disposal costs Hickory used the 30mm KHD drainage cell instead of 250mm of crushed rock achieving equivalent drainage capacity. The overall excavation saving was 350 cubic metres. A significant saving!

The drainage cell allows for an efficient movement of water helping to protect the slab from the rising water table.

Bowling Green – Mulgrave Country Club

Mulgrave Country Club recently updated their bowling greens which are all located over the new underground car park.

The benefit of using KHD drainage cell ensures excess water is rapidly moved away from the waterproof membrane to waste points, protecting the slab.

Advantages of using Drainage Cell:

  • High flow rate: 16.5 l/ms
  • High Strength: 100 t/m2
  • Environment: Manufactured from post consumer recycled polypropylene
  • Lightweight: 3 kg/m2

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