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DynSheet Automatic Storage System for sheet metal plates

Supplier: Dynsto

DYNSTO can also deliver fully automatic storage systems like the "DynSheet" with plate dimensions to a maximum of 6000 x 2000mm and a max height of the total storage systems of 15 metres.

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DynSheet – THE solution for storage of sheetmetal plates

DynSheet automatic storage for sheet metal plates offers the choice of a single or twin tower.

The DynSheet tower consists of a strong steel structure supporting pallets specifically measured to the dimensions and shape of the sheet you wish to stock.

A lift will reach the pallet requested, extract it and carry on a stand to the ground, where the material will remain to be loaded / unloaded by forklift or crane.

The height of the storage system can be built to 15 meters with capacity on each pallet of 2000, 3000 or 5000kg according to the sheet size.

The control of DynSheet can be connected to a PC by software, in this way you can control the handling operations and computer store management in real time.

Moreover there is the possibility to install load cells for last weight control on each pallet.

The benefits:

  • Safe way to store, load and unload
  • Profit area
  • Ergonomic handling
  • Automatic input and output
  • Perfect material management due to possibility of connection with existing ERP system

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