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Easy Test

easytest Pty Ltd is a wholly owned South Australian business which is dedicated to creating clever pieces of apparatus that are task specific and easy to use so that workplaces can perform and manage the safety testing of their electrical appliances and RCDs to meet the requirements of AS 3760.

All the products are made in South Australia
All the products are locally designed and patented
All the components are locally sourced from Australian businesses
All our products are covered by warranty and supported in South Australia

It is a requirement of the OHS&W Regulations that all persons performing electrical safety testing are competent and trained in use of the equipment. The Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760 requires the workplace manager or supervisor to be responsible for ensuring compliance. All easytest products are designed to test to this Standard. No liability will be accepted if the apparatus is used for any other purpose than it is designed for, or if used by any non-competent person.

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easytest Pty Ltd - Winner, Electronics and ICT Association 2008 Engineering Excellence Award (Small Business Category)

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