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Electrical Insulation Blankets upgraded with new mechanical fastening system

Supplier: Balmoral Engineering
27 April, 2009

Electrical Insulation Blankets upgraded with new mechanical fastening system for easy and effective wrapping of live conductors.

Designed to be faster & easier to use, more effective and safer, our latest rubber insulating blankets utilise strapping to help secure or wrap the blanket around various size conductors.

Often used at junctions between the house and the conductors feeding off the mains, this new product produces a better solution for the following reasons:

" EPDM rubber high flexibility and no memory, perfect for wrapping around any shape conductor.

" Strap can be used to easily and quickly wrap around rubber and secure the insulation rubber mechanically providing a stable, effective wrap.

" PVC tape traditionally used with PVC covers. Both are not suitable as PVC tape is time consuming to use, is not secure especially in the wet and the PVC blanket is not as flexible as the rubber and has a memory effect making it less suitable for wrapping objects of various sizes and shapes.

" PVC tape also often ends up on the ground creating and environmental issue. This also unwinds the wrapped PVC cover leaving the conductors uninsulated and exposed.

Our EPDM rubber blankets can be ordered as a plain sheet, with eyelets, straps or other fasteners making them ideal for insulating low voltage conductors of any shape or size.