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Electronic Power Solutions

Electronic Power Solutions | Motor Control, AC Power, Power Quality

Electronic Power Solutions

Electronic Power Solutions is a Specialist in AC motor control – specifically in AC Variable Speed Drives and Electronic Soft Starters.

We offer:
- AC Variable Speed Drives 415V, 690V and 3300V up to 10,000kW
- Electronic Soft Starters
- AC Motor Controls
- Harmonic Filter Solutions (Active and Passive)
- Power factor Correction (Active)
- Custom Drive Systems
- Industrial VSD Enclosures
- Next G, GSM and Sattelite phone based Remote control and Monitoring Systems
- Irrigation VSD Pump Controllers
- Lead Pump Control Systems
- Wet Well Pump Control Systems
- Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) single and Three phase solutions.

Offices in Queensland, Victoria and NSW

National Toll Free Number: 1300 797 655 from anywhere in Australia.

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EPS operates in all states of Australia, and combined with associate members of the Electronic Power Solutions group, we have accumulated well in excess of 75 years experience in the solutions oriented power electronics, power quality and motor control business

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