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Elettric 80 is a global provider of end-of-line automation solutions which increase operational profitability and efficiency - put simply our technology helps companies cut cost and move product out of the plant in a fast and effective manner.

Our proposition is based on Freeway® - a highly flexible material handling system which utilises palletising robots, Laser Guided Vehicles (LGVs), Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), high speed stretch wrappers (Silkworm) and a pallet control system. The entire process is managed centrally by a state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System (WMS).

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Why use manual fork lift trucks?

Elettric 80 asserts that automated Laser Guided Vehicles (LGVs) today can substitute nearly all manual fork lift truck operations.

Some of Elettric 80’s customers insist they will no longer even consider a manual solution including Kristoffer Andersson, Logistic Manager Carlsberg, Sweden. -“Any solution involving a forklift is antiquated. We are a leading and progressive company and insisted on adopting the forward thinking designs of Elettric 80.”

Elettric 80 disputes the erroneous assertion that a manual forklift truck costs less and is easier to maintain. These arguments do not take the complete system function into consideration. According to Mikael Renström, Marketing Director, Elettric 80, “This comparison is ludicrous. A FLT is a transportation tool driven by a driver, and brings along uncertainties like safety issues, flow optimisation issues and risk of damage to both goods, the vehicle itself and everything around it”.
In an automated system LGVs run at 99% availability in 24/7 operations; levels never achieved in manual environments. This comparison makes the manual FLT resemble a dinosaur, not designed for maximum productivity.

Elettric 80 has successfully developed a systematic approach to automate complete material flows with LGVs. When designing an automated warehouse or logistic solution, the vehicles become “building blocks” used to safely, timely and reliably move the goods in question.
On top of this Elettric 80 has developed a process to achieve optimal goods flow designs, ingenious yet simple interfaces, integration to existing FLT systems and processes, such as order picking, shipping and receiving, and above all - optimal usage of the warehouse space available. All of these solutions are implemented in conjunction with Elettric80s SMART WMS solution that seamlessly interfaces to the client’s existing software system.

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