For this pet food giant, a manufacturer of several A-brands, hygiene is of the highest priority. They always put food safety first. A challenging combination of highly demanding requirements.

They selected the SpiralVeyor® from AmbaFlex as the solution to their elevation challenge. As only AmbaFlex could guarantee the high level of cleanliness required. The fully welded, stainless space-frame avoids the dirt traps and undrainable enclosures that often get in the way of proper cleaning.

Welded stainless steel frame suitable for full wash down

AmbaFlex’s full stainless steel construction is unique, no aluminium or other soft metals that will corrode through cleaning with detergents will be found. Even the base chains, bearings and other moving parts are made from stainless steel. As a result, the customer’s strict cleaning procedures did not need to be compromised.

High Throughput

On top of this, high-rate, wet cleaning means the throughput of some 110,000 cans per hour, one of the highest demands ever fulfilled with a spiral conveyor. AmbaFlex has been selected because of our monopoly in providing real, high-capacity solutions. The elevation is up to 6.4 meters and is made at a gentle incline of only 5 degrees. And to achieve this takes 60 meters of continuous spiral conveyor belt. With high belt speeds of 42m/min and a 400mm wide mass flow, it really is a one of a kind requirement!

Advantages AmbaFlex

AmbaFlex’s solution is a combination of technologies. First of all, the patented Triple-E technology; conveyor tracks with low 100% rolling friction which avoids the dreaded noose effect that would throttle other spiral conveyors where there was no friction control.

Secondly the Multi Belt Force (MBF) is applied. Such a belt is built up from a series of parallel narrow tracks as seen in mass flow bottle conveyors. Each track is fitted with its own stainless steel roller chain and guide bearings. This multi-chain technology multiplies the load capacity compared to single chain systems.

The low friction, multi-chain solution with a pull force of over 7000N and 110 bearings per meter was the only solution that could meet the high capacity required. The full stainless steel configuration also fully complies with the customer’s sanitary needs.

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