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About Us: Elgas Fast Facts

We know that you want a safe & reliable supplier for your LPG.

We also know that you probably prefer to deal with local people who know your community.

We get that!
Local, Safe & Reliable

So,"Local, Safe & Reliable" is more than a slogan to us.

It is our way of doing business.

It's how we became Australia's largest supplier of LPG to homes and businesses.

We appreciate that our customers put their faith in us and for that we offer them a huge…

"Thank You"
Here's a bit more about us:

Elgas facilities? Elgas is Australia's largest marketer of LPG.

View a brief About Elgas video to find out even more.

? We're local, with over 40 service centres around the country to ensure rapid supply and reliable delivery in virtually every area.

? Elgas provides LPG for home, business, autos and BBQ customers.

? Elgas is also your source for quality LPG appliances from quality brands like Rinnai, Bosch, Paloma, Cannon, Dux and many more.

? We've perfected the delivery process with our Automated Tanker Delivery System and commercial bulk delivery systems.

? We operate Australia's largest LPG storage facility 'The Cavern' at Port Botany

? Elgas is dedicated to the safety of our customers, employees and the communities in which they live.

? Elgas is also the largest Autogas wholesaler in Australia not owned or managed by an oil company.

? Elgas is a member of the Linde Group

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17 LPG Fast Facts

LPG fast facts on gas bottles & more.1. LPG (or LP Gas) is the acronym for Liquefied Petroleum Gas or Liquid Petroleum Gas.

2. LPG gas is a group of flammable hydrocarbon gases that are liquefied through pressurisation and commonly used as fuel.

3. LPG gas comes from natural gas processing and petroleum refining.

4. There are a number of gases that fall under the “LPG” label, including propane, butane and isobutane (i-butane), as well as mixtures of these gases..

5. LPG gases can all be compressed into liquid at relatively low pressures.

6. LPG gas is frequently used for fuel in heating, cooking, hot water and vehicles, as well as for refrigerants, aerosol propellants and petrochemical feedstock.

7. LPG gas is generally stored, as a liquid, in steel vessels ranging from small BBQ gas bottles to larger gas cylinders and bulk storage tanks. (45kg gas bottles shown)

8. Colourless, heavier than air and odourless until odorant is added for safety reasons.

9. When lightly compressed it becomes a liquid. 1 litre of liquid LPG gas (propane) is the equivalent of 270 litres of gas.

10. LPG gas burns readily in air and has a high-energy content making it an excellent fuel for heating, cooking and automotive use.

11. LPG gas has a higher calorific value versus natural gas.

12. LPG gas can range from virtually 100% propane to 100% butane.

13. Home LPG gas, in Australia, is typically all propane.

14. LPG measurement is done in weight, liquid volume, gaseous volume, energy content and pressure.

15. LPG exists in two different forms, LPG liquid & vapour (gas). The storage pressure & temperature determines which kind you have

16. The more technically correct term for LPG in its gaseous state is LPG vapour, not gas. Vapours are gases, however, not all gases are vapours.

17. The chemical formulas for propane - C3H8 - and butane - C4H10 - are different. However, the formula for butane and isobutane are the same.

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