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Engineering Plastics | Engineering Thermoplastics

Supplier: Cammthane

This unique group of products offer properties which expand the limits of other engineering thermoplastics. Some of the advantages gained by using HPM's are, retention of mechanical and fatigue properties at elevated temperatures, resistance against high energy radiation, maximum thermal operating temperatures are approaching that of PTFE, improved chemical resistance and increased dialectical properties.

Price Guide (Inc GST): POA

  • ERTALON 4.6 - Polyamide 4.6
  • ERTA PEI - Polyetherimide
  • ERTA PSU - Polysulphone
  • PVDF - Polyvinylidenefluoride
  • ERTALON 66GF30 - Polyamide 66 glass filled
  • ERTAXEL - Polyphenylene Sulphide
  • VESPEL - Polyimide
  • TORLON - Polyamide-imide

Available in: Sheet, rod, tube, machined parts.

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