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Entech Electronics

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Entech Electronics

The Entech Group of Companies are a globally focussed, diversified electronic manufacturing support and services organisation, trading with a broad spectrum of customers on an international basis.

The Companies have evolved from a product based manufacturing organisation to a vertically integrated, services orientated organisation supporting a diverse base of clients whose primary focus is electronics and information technology based.

Our product range and service capabilities are always expanding to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Our manufacturing services currently include:

- Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards
- High Volume PCB Importation
- Membrane Switches
- Touch Screens
- Screen Printed Products
- Microwave Circuit Substrates
- Electronic Prototyping Services
- Contract Manufacturing
- Product Assembly
- Design & development services
- Ruggedised Computer Systems

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The Entech Group business units recognise the importance of product quality, safety, and reliability, and hold the following accreditation and certifications:

- ISO-9001 Quality Accreditation (Entech Circuits and Graphics Division, Licence No. 200)
- ISO-9002 Quality Accreditation (Entech Electronic Manufacturing Division, Licence No. 3625)
- Underwriters Laboratory Approval (Printed Circuits)
- IPC standards application

These standards and accreditations collectively play a key part in assuring product traceability, process uniformity, and conformity to customer specification.

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