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Founded in Australia in 2003, we have been at the forefront of developing easy to use yet powerful, state of the art GPS tracking and mobile resource management technologies. Our solutions help hundreds of commercial and government organisations reduce their fleet's operational costs including: fuel, wages, overtime, wear and tear and communications costs.

Whilst increasing productivity, efficiency, customer service, compliance, safety and security. Ezy2c's GPS Tracking and Mobile Resource Management Solution features online 24*7 - real time and historic vehicle locations, trip reports, speeding alerts, geofence breaches, excess idle, trailer disengage, temperature sensor information, driver fatigue, navigation, messaging, routing and engine management system data.

Our hardware and software have been developed in house and can be tailored by our Australian engineers to suit your specific business and operational requirements. Whilst many of our clients require simple track and trace capabilities, many others require more sophisticated solutions or customised solutions. We have products and solutions priced according to functionality required, for companies with 1 vehicle to fleets of over 1000 vehicles.

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Ezy2c have revolutionised GPS Tracking in Australia by developing the most advanced tracking solutions at highly affordable pricing, including GSM, Next G & Satellite/Hybrid solutions. As well as sophisticated hand-held personal tracking devices.

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