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Facility and process design

Supplier: RMR Process Pty Ltd By: Peter Taitoko
26 April, 2018

RMR Process Pty Ltd both designs and builds food facilities and processes for small to mid-tier manufacturers.

Facilty design

For new facilities or factory expansions, RMR begins with a strategic view of what the medium to long term product ranges and volumes may look like to determine the best execution strategy for scaling the operation. This allows for future proofing the design of the facility footprint and infrastructure while minimizing the initial capital investment, to enable cash flow to finance the scaling process.

All relevant food safety standards and compliance codes are referred to throughout the process, ensuring elements such as high-care rooms, drainage, flooring and factory ventilation are accurately designed and correctly installed.

RMR uses a competitive tender process to select the most suitable builders and gain competitive pricing, high quality and high safety standards.

Process design, installation and validation

RMR also specializes in process design for fresh and shelf stable food products. The team can design, procure, install and validate processes ready for safe, commercial operation. RMR provides its clients with an automation strategy that minimizes initial investment and allows for scaling up as required, with “factory smarts” to take the facility safely into the future.