Fast action door light curtain
Fast action door light curtain

High speed fast action doors require good safety mechanisms to prevent injury to personnel, or damage to the door.

A full light curtain is a available now in Efaflex doors.

High speed doors are used mostly in areas that are exposed to a high volume of forklift or pedestrian traffic flows. Therefore, safety of the operator is extremely important.

DMF manufactures their own high speed doors, and are the exclusive suppliers of the German engineered Efaflex high speed turbo doors.

The doors are a fast action type door, operating at up to 4 m/sec.

To avoid damage to the lower area of the door, where nearly 90% of all crashes happen, Efaflex can provide a TÜV-certified infra red light grid system, referred to as the TLG.

This system is specialised worldwide and it is completely self-monitoring.

The TLG unit is installed into the lateral door tracks of the high speed door, it is well protected and inobtrusive working by monitoring the closing plane of the door up to a height of 2.5 metres.

Crossing infrared rays will generate a nearly flat light grid which can detect even the smallest obstacles without contacting them.

If there is something in the way, the closing movement is stopped immediately or not initiated at all, returning the door blade to the open position.

The unique door technology protects persons, doors, vehicles and material, and is critical addition to such high speed doors.

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