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Filquip Pty Ltd

Filquip Pty Ltd | Pneumatic Conveying

Filquip Pty Ltd

With over 17 years of industrial experience, Filquip Pty Limited supplies reliable materials handling equipment such as conveying systems, silo filling systems and silo discharging systems to cement processing and concrete batching plants, quarry sites, beverage and oil manufacturers, mining industries, flour milling companies, pharmaceuticals processing plants, heavy manufacturing industries, building and construction companies. Filquip Pty Limited also provides high quality water and waste water treatment equipment, pneumatic conveying equipment, flow aids (vibration and aeration equipment), dust collectors, replacement filters, filter media and equipment to clients in various industries all over Australia and the Asia/Pacific region.

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Filquip is a supplier of reliable and cost effective pneumatic conveying, bulk materials handling, water treatment and industrial vacuum systems to industries. Our products increase productivity, decrease equipment maintenance and eliminate external/internal leakage while promoting an environment friendly and hazard free working environment.

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