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Flash Media Pty Ltd

Flash Media Pty Ltd | Advertising Equipment & Digital Signage

Flash Media Pty Ltd

Flash Media is a subsidiary company of Focus Media Australia Pty Ltd. It has expertise in providing leading, unique and high quality advertising equipment, technology and digital signage solutions. Flash Media supplies the same type of LCD Advertising Players which have been widely used by Focus Media China since 2003. Currently, this amounts to over 200,000 such products which have been broadly accepted and used in China.

Since 2005, Flash Media has been supplying over hundreds of LCD advertising display units to various commercial, private and public sectors including Real Estate Agents, hotels, super markets, restaurants, hospitals, Medical Centres and so on. Our excellent service is attributed to our LCD display solutions which are known for the stylish designs, reliable operation, user-friendliness and the competitively low prices.

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Our service team provides 24/7 product support and we also provide replacement rent/hire purchase warranty to ensure world class quality service to our dear customers.

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