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Fluidsentry Pty Ltd's monitored pneumatic valves & monitored hydraulic valves have become globally recognised as key components in safety related parts of fluid power control systems. Fluidsentry's monitored valve technology has been designed as an interface between the fluid power operation & electrical safety circuits of machinery. We offer a range of services and solutions for fluid power safety applications requiring Categories 2, 3 & 4 in accordance with AS4024.1 and ISO 13849.

Fluidsentry valves are used to eliminate workplace accidents and ensure machine operators are kept safe especially during the most hazardous operations.

Our dual monitored safety valve systems are suitable for category 3 and 4 applications in accordance with ISO 13849 & AS4024.1. We offer a range of services & solutions for fluid power safety applications.

Additional products are always being developed within our facility located in Melbourne, Australia, with an emphasis on future standards.

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Too often safety systems are designed without consideration for the failure modes of fluid power control . Pneumatic & hydraulic loads can be just as dangerous as electrical loads (if not more!). So why should they have any less safety integrity?

At Fluidsentry Pty Ltd, we take great pride in the development & supply of product for fluid power safety. Each Fluidsentry product is individually tested & certified before being dispatched. To learn more about our products, please select the icons opposite.

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