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Instapak Foam Packaging is a quick, economical and versatile form of foam packaging that allows your product to not only be protected whilst in storage, handling and transport, but also blocks and braces your product holding it securely in place.

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Instapak Foam in Place Protective Packaging is one of the many packaging products distributed by Get Packed, a leading supplier of packaging solutions.

Instapak Foam Packaging is available in a range of capacities depending on your requirements.

To see videos of how these foam packaging are used please refer to our exclusive website - Instapakpackaging

Instapak foam packaging protects your product during handling and transport as well as in storage, as well as blocking and bracing it, holding it securely in place.

It does this by using liquid components that when mixed together form a foam that rapidly expands and hardens.

Instapak Foam Packaging Range:

Instapak Foam Packaging - Quick RT Bags - click on this link to purchase online
Is perfect for small to mid-size companies looking for superior cushioning properties without a large up-front investment. Instapak Quick foam-in-bag starts as small bags that are small enough to fit into your pocket. Once the foam packaging are activated they rapidly expand around your product holding it snugly and securely in place. Ideally you would activate the foam packaging bag, place it in a box and place the product on top whilst the foam bag expands around it, meanwhile closing the box over the top. The result is the product is wholly protected by the hardened foam packaging inside the box. Instapak Quick bags are available in 5 bag sizes from Get Packed.

Instapak Simple - click for more information
Instapak simple is the newest addition to the Instapak range. It is the next step after Instapak Quick bags and is ideal for those going through several boxes of bags per month, but not enough to justify the larger Instapak 900 Series. It is called 'Simple' as it is easy to use. With this system all foam components are self contained in 9.4 litre containers. This reduces the need to buy and store foam compnents in bulk and elimintes the needs for pumps and heating elements.

Instapak Foam Packaging - 900 Series System - click for more information
This is a hand held dispensing system suited to small to mid-size applications. This foam packaging has a patented, self cleaning cartridge dispenser, self diagnositc controls, built in timers and the flexibility to adjust the amount of foam dispensed. The foam packaging is an all electronic operation without the need for air compressors and meets UL and major international safety standards.

The 900 series of foam packaging is simple to use - you place a lining film into a box, dispense the Instapak with the hand dispenser, close up the film (like a bag), place the product over the bag (which is now expanding around the product), put another sheet of lining film over and around the product, dispense more Instapak, close the film over the top, and close the box. The end result is the product is completely protected and secured.

Instapak Foam Packaging - Tabletop System - click for more information
This is a simple and compact foam packaging system which combines the proven reliability of the 900 system with the convenience of the foam-in-bag process. It is capable of producing up to 16 Instapak bags per minute and can support the packaging needs of shipping rooms, multiple pack station operations and production floors. You simply take a bag from the table top dispenser (which automatically dispenses the Instapak into the bag as you take it) and then box it and place your product into it.

Instapak Foam Packaging - SpeedyPacker® Insight System - click for more information
This foam packaging system can produce up to 21 foam filled bags per minute with a choice of 156 cushion type combinations - including foam tubes. With this foam packaging system you can also dedicate it to one packaging line, or service multiple packaging lines.

The new graphical display allows the operator to select optimum bag size and foam combinations in order to provide fast, secure protection for a variety of items. You can produce the perfect void fill as well as moulded, or top and bottom foam in bag cushions. The SpeedyPacker Insight system delivers cost effective, superior product protection and presents your product to your customers in an attractive, damage free package.

For further information about Instapak Foam Packaging visit Get Packed or use the IndustrySearch e-mail feature below and one of the Get Packed team will respond to your enquiry directly.

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