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Furnace Tubeskin Temperature Measurement Sensor | Xtracto–Pad™

Supplier: WIKA Australia

Accurate and reliable temperature measurement for process furnaces is a priority throughout the refining and petrochemical industry.

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Traditionally tube skin temperature measurement systems have required the welding and or peening in of the thermocouple on the tube.  This activity had to be repeated if the thermocouple failed. The new patented 'XTRACTO-PAD™" thermocouple system allows for replacement of the thermocouple without rewelding.  This results in significant cost savings to the operator and provides a practical solution to tube skin temperature measurement.

The basic configuration for the XTRACTO-PAD™ design is similar to the REFRACTO-PAD™; this design has proven to be a popular means of furnace tube skin temperature measurement throughout industry.  The novelty of the "XTRACTO-PAD™" involves improvement in the area of replace ability, while maintaining the accuracy and dependability of the device.
The differences are:
1.     The weld pad is fabricated as part of the guide assembly.
2.     The heat shield is modified to keep the weld pad/guide assembly in position.
3.     The tube clips that hold the thermocouple in place are reusable
Features of the Xtracto–Pad™ include all of the Refracto-Pad™ plus:
  • Removable thermocouple design. This allows the thermocouple to be replaced without any additional grinding, welding, or inspection. It also allows for the weldable parts to be attached without the presence of the sensor.
  • The weld pad/guide channel, heat shield, and clips can be put on by the manufacturer of the heater / boiler or even by the tube manufacturer in the case of specialty furnace tubes.
  • Special features to improve the reliability of the temperature reading.
  • Designed for high heat flux or difficult applications, up to and including flame impingement.
  • Weldable parts can be sent to furnace / tube manufacturer for initial installation, especially helpful for specialty tubes up to and including spun cast tubes of unique alloy.
  • In harsh environments these sensors ensure reliable 
  • readings due to their patented shielded design.
  • Designed for use with Catalytic Reformers, Steam Methane / Naphtha Reformers and reaction furnaces.
  • Grounded or ungrounded junction.
  • Radial or longitudinal mounting onto tube.


WIKA Services can provide all manpower, training and tools required for successful installation of our temperature measurement products. Since the service life of these assemblies is dependant upon proper installation, many clients have turned to us for assistance in this area.