Glue Gun, Glue Dots, Transfer Tape or Double Sided Tape

What works best and can we make this simpler and more productive?

Glue Dots

Glue dots are great when all you need is a dot of glue – or even a line of dots. Glue dots come ready made in a box, are available in a range of tacks from removable to permanent, but also come on a roll made for a Dot Shot Pro (a glue dot applicator gun) which works better than the box when it comes to putting a line of dots on your item.
Compared to using a glue gun – as the dots are already made for you, there is no waiting time associated with hot melt liquid glue (used in a glue gun) or the mess associated with that, you simply apply. It is a quick, no mess solution to using glue to adhere two items together.

Examples of uses

  • Apply business cards or magnets to promotional material or mailouts
  • applying samples to products
  • applying a simple attachment to almost anything


 Transfer Tape

Transfer tape is another alternative to applying adhesive of all tacks to items for the purpose of sticking them together. The benefit if transfer tape is that you are able to apply a predetermined width of adhesive (it comes in a range of widths) with absolute consistency using a transfer tape gun.
Compared to using a glue gun, or glue dots – the transfer tape is a ready-made adhesive that’s just ready to apply, so there is no waiting for hot melt glue to heat up in a glue gun, and there’s no mess that can be associated with hot melt liquid glue. Whilst glue dots give you just a dot of adhesive, this can’t be done with transfer tape, but it is simple, quick and efficient when needing to apply a line of adhesive.

Examples of uses

  • apply paper/flyer to promotional material
  • commonly used by printers for promotional applications
  • inserts in magazines and newspapers


Double Sided Tape

Double sided tape is much the same as transfer tape except there is a liner on both sides – and you are applying a double sided adhesive tape, not just adhesive. Like transfer tape you have absolute consistency with the amount of adhesive applied, and the width of the tape. It comes in a range of tacks and materials from foam, cloth, tissue, polyester and PVC double sided tapes.
Compared to using a glue gun, glue dots, or transfer tape – As double sided tape has a liner on both sides of the tape, this means the tape can be applied now, but the item can be adhered later. i.e. the outer liner is left on so that the adhesive is covered – and can be pulled off when ready. This means printers or packers or simply head office can get material ready to send out to stores or other locations prior to use without getting things stuck together.

Examples of uses

  • posters
  • woblers and point of sale promotional material
  • book binding
  • glass, plastic or metal joining applications


Glue Guns

When you simply need hot melt glue, or flexibility in application – whether it be in output or different uses then the only thing that will work can be a glue gun. Glue guns can be used in light weight, low output applications from craft work to general household repairs – right through to high output industrial applications that need variable temperatures and a range of attachments.


  • variability and control of output and heat
  • Can be used for almost any type of adherence application
  • If portability is required then there are battery powered and gas powered glue guns
  • There are a range of nozzles available for different needs, allowing for spray, dots, lines etc
  • Some glue guns take glue sticks only, others take all types – glue slugs, pellets, pillows or sticks


Compared to using a glue gun, glue dots, transfer tape or double sided tape – Glue guns will cover just about any of the applications that the other options provide, whilst offering more flexibility, more choices in glues with all different types of tacks available. On the downside, glue guns do require time to heat the solid glue into liquid form and there is some inconvenience associated with that.

Examples of uses

  • Household glueing applications, craft work
  • Heavy industrial applications including industrial and manufacturing
  • Packaging and assembly
  • Shop fittings and exhibition displays


It’s worth knowing what your options are when it comes to having to adhere two items together. The answer cost wise and productivity wise is not always a glue gun, and it’s not always a glue dot. Consider what outcome you want and how it can be made simpler, more productive whilst saving money. Contact Get Packed directly for more information.


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