Why water activated tape and what dispenser to use

Water activated tape is environmentally friendly and makes pilfer proof packaging. Which dispenser suits you depends on your volumes and whether you have pre-set tape length requirements.

Why Water Activated Tape compared to standard packaging tape?

There are three main benefits to using Water Activated Tape.

  • Firstly, it is environmentally friendly as it is a paper tape that uses a starch-based adhesive.
  • Secondly, when the water activated tape is applied to the carton, as it dries it adheres to the actual fibres of the carton – which means the tape can’t be lifted from the carton resulting in an inability to pilfer goods from the carton. Ultimately making it a secure form of tape too.
  • Lastly, as it is dispensed using a water activated tape dispenser (as opposed to a taping gun) the tape is dispensed as a single length of dampened tape, making it quick and simple to apply.


Water Activated Tape Dispensers

Manual Desk Top Gummed (water activated) Tape Dispenser 2-WA-D-480
This is the most economical of the WA Tape Dispensers. It suits tape up to 85mm width and features a fabric covered roller, plastic water reservoir, fine toothed blade, and rubber feet. The tape simply sits in the dispenser and when dispensed it goes through the rolls through the water bath.

Manual Water Activated Tape Dispenser 2-WA-D-BP222
The next simplest manual water Activated tape dispenser. After filling the water tank, at the push of a button a length of 25cm tape is dispensed. If you want a longer length you simply depress the button to get the desired length. To cut the tape another button is easily depressed. No power required and simple to use.

Manual Water Activated Tape Dispenser 2-WA-D-BP333
This desktop dispenser enables the user to choose from a range of 15 pre-set lengths. After the dispenser bottle has been filled with water, the user simply pulls the lever to dispense and cut the single length of ready to use water activated tape. No power required and very simple to use.

Electronic Water Activated Tape Dispenser 2-WA-D-555EFACM
Put all the best of the above together, tweak it a little, automate it and you have the best of all dispensers. Best for high volume tape applications. This dispenser does require power. Features include

  • 14 colour coded keys for pre-set lengths from 15-145cm
  • An automatic setting which will automatically deliver the next length of tape when the previous length has been removed
  • Dispenses tape at a speed of 114cm per second


What to Choose?

Which water activated tape dispenser you choose then depends very much on your volume. If you have a high volume, or want to automate your warehouse or packaging facility then the electronic water activated taping machine might be best for you and your productivity. If you simply want water activated tape as you place security of your goods highly, but your volume is low then you may go for the simplest dispenser.

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