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Hawker Richardson

Hawker Richardson is one of the world leaders in the provision of production solutions to the manufacturing sector. Established in 1923 in Australia, the company became a household name in the manufacturing arena. Originally a machine assembler, Hawker Richardson earned the knowledge and respect of customers as a company delivering high quality equipment to the industry. Machine assembly ceased in 1995 and today, Hawker Richardson are reputed for their range of imported products which are best of breed from companies that have well established reputations for technical expertise.

We have searched the world and bring to you a compliment of the best manufacturing solutions available with the latest technology. We have evaluated products and secured sole access to arguably one of the largest ranges of production solutions available in this country.

Whether you are seeking production tooling requirements through to major capital purchases, Hawker Richardson can assist you.

Our personnel can assist you in the evaluation and identification of the best solutions to improve your productivity through both increased accuracy and production speed. In this site, you will receive an overview of our services and products and will have access to specifications and information to assist you in the review process.

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Hawker Richardson is backed by leading suppliers all around the globe making us a truly international company. We offer sales service, spares and technical support on all of our equipment. If you are looking to automate your factory or update equipment let our qualified staff assist you with your process. For more information please visit our web site for links to the factory or call us on 1300 360 031.

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