High performance actuators from Motivact

Supplier: Motivact
16 December, 2010

Actuation or automation of process systems and equipment is a critical component of today’s industrial environment.

Site downtime and poor performance can cost companies big dollars on the bottom line and interrupt the production of important commodities.

Motivact  have listened to the complaints and experienced the short comings of current actuation offerings and designed a range of High Performance actuators that provide a complete actuation solution.

From the premier full 316 stainless steel unit to the more economical carbon steel version, Motivact implement a high degree of design and engineering principals to produce quality actuation package.

Full 316 stainless steel construction

  • Full 316SS actuators Rotary and Linear
  • Carbon Steel actuators Rotary and Linear
  • Stainless steel controls accessories
  • Custom mounting design and supply
  • Complete valve and actuation solutions and supply
  • Custom linear cylinder design and supply