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Motivact | High Performance Actuators, Valves & Cylinders


Located in Nowra , NSW , Motivact has over 40 years experience on hand in the Valve actuation and controls industry.

Family owned and operated, its founder and managing director Allan Miners, has utilised years of experience and collaboration with specialised engineering staff to produce a world class High quality, High performance actuator range.

Having seen first hand the devastating effects of hazardous environments such as Acid and salt water has on pneumatic actuators, MOTIVACT designed and manufactured a unit that utilized only the highest quality materials and reliable mechanical principles to ensure maximum performance at all times and longevity for all its components that would normally break down or fail in Aluminum and Ductile iron actuators.

MOTIVACT is fast becoming the next leader in actuation supply for any plant application that must have reliable equipment.
With Distribution agents throughout the world, access to MOTIVACT’s range is easily obtained for one off supply or a major project.

Contact Motivact direct or your local agent to find out more about our range and the benefits of going with the best.

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