High Precision Melt Pressure Transducers

The PT124G-112/112T/123/123T high precision melt-pressure transducers are ideal for the measurement of melt-pressure in extrusion processes at temperatures up to 350?.

 These series are produced with special materials and alloyed elastic diaphragm together with delicate processing and debugging. The main characteristics are high accuracy and small zero and span shifts caused by changes in process temperatures. The model PT124G-112T/123T comes with a temperature sensor, with type J, K, E optional.


  • Easy to install
  • Widely measurement ranges
  • High accuracy
  • Internal 80% calibration
  • Interchangeable for other brands
  • Excellent stability and repeatability


Pressure range 0-3.5MPa…0-150MPa (0-500psi…20000psi)
Over Pressure 1.5 X FSO
Combined Error  ± 0.5% FSO (Including Linearity, Repeatability & Hysteresis)
Output 3.33 mV/V, 2mV/V
Input Voltage 10VDC
Repeatability +/- 0.2%FSO
Bridge Resistance Input 345 Ohms minimum
Bridge Resistance Output 350 Ohms +/- 10%
Internal Shunt Calibration (R-Cal) 80% FSO +/- 1%
Insulation Resistance 200 megohms @ 100 Vdc
Max Diaphragm Temperature 300 ?
Mounting Torque 500 inch/lbs. max.
Standard Wetted Parts Diaphragm coated 15-5 PH SST
Electrical connector 6PIN connector
Process connector 1/2″-20UNF, M14×1.5, M18×1.5 Optional
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