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How does the GreenTech system work & why is it better?

Supplier: GreenTech Australia
27 June, 2010

GreenTech spray systems use a unique combination of electrically driven fans, which generate higher revolutions than hydraulically driven fans, and high pressure nozzles placed in front of the fan blades to deliver optimal spray coverage for your crop.

This is achieved because the high air volume coupled with low volume optimally sized droplets converge in a turbulent ball either around or above the target area. This turbulence spreads and oscillates the canopy, allowing better penetration, fuller coverage and reduced losses to drift, evaporation before contact or over-spray.

Traditional spray systems that use air-blast or single fan style delivery systems are wasteful by comparison, and cannot generate the volume of air from a single fan that multiple fans deliver - it's just common sense.

In addition, the electric drive system used in a GreenTech is the most energy efficient means of creating air volume.

Your tractor will use far less fuel to generate a higher volume of air, you will not risk over-heating that hydraulic systems can cause when run for long periods, you can operate higher numbers of fans from the same tractor - a limitation in hydraulic systems where power-packs are sometimes required to operate high fan numbers, and importantly, you do not risk a hydraulic oil leak contaminating your vineyard or crop as you spray. When you add it all up, GreenTech spray systems make sense!

So, assure the quality of your crop, reduce your spraying costs and protect the investment you have made in your farm. Purchase a GreenTech spray system today.