How to successfully use the simpler DAF pump system

Are you tired of the high maintenance costs associated with conventional Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) systems? Are you looking for a simple system that is easy to maintain? Read this article!

Traditional DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) pumping systems have so many moving parts. The components include an air compressor, pressure vessel, centrifugal pump, and of course the controller to get all three components to work harmoniously.

The disadvantages of such a complicated system are many. For one, the pressure vessel requires regular certification, and records must be kept. The controller needs monitoring. The maintenance time and costs for the many components can be costly.

When one of the largest Chicken processors in Australia wanted to eliminate these complications and install a more reliable system that requires no controls and is set and forget, they approached Hydro Innovations. The technical staff at Hydro have a combined 80 years of experience in the pump industry. The knowledge of the team is second to none.


After the consultation, an EDUR LBU 404 C120L with a 5.5kW motor was installed. The EDUR multi-phase pump produces consistent fine micro bubbles perfect for the operation of a DAF tank. The EDUR pump has the unique ability to draw atmospheric air into the suction line, shear it, mix it with the water being drawn from the “clean” end of the DAF tank, and saturate the air into the water by pressurising it.

The EDUR pump eliminates the need for a compressor, control system, conventional pump, air saturation vessel (and ongoing certifications). The pressure vessel can be removed or bypassed, or it can be incorporated into the new system.

Because of the simplicity of the system, operators will see an improvement in energy consumption [because they are not running compressors] and a vast improvement in maintenance costs. There is no pressure vessel to continually certify, no compressor to maintain, and no more complicated control system to operate. Just “set and forget”.

With the pump running at 10m3 per hour and circulating approximately 10% of the inflow to the DAF tank, the plant has been running free of maintenance and interference for over 4 years.

Speak to Hydro Innovations today on (02) 9898 1800 to find our more about simplifying and improving your DAF system with EDUR multi-phase pumps.

Hydro Innovations are proud to be the exclusive agents for the Edur multi-phase DAF pump


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