How to select the correct size bore pump

The article below will assist you with what information you need to select the correct bore pump for your pumping situation.

If you are unsure of which bore pump is suited to your situation, please contact me and I can select the correct pump for your needs.

To select a bore pump, you must have the correct TDH (total dynamic head) and you will need to know the flow required to do the job.  You cannot exceed the flow produced by your bore.  Your bore report will provide this information.

TDH is a combination of (1) static head, (2) pipe friction loss and (3) discharge pressure.

If you have just had a bore drilled and your driller has told you just to get a 1hp (or so) bore pump, please remember that he may not be aware of where you need to get the water to.  He may be simply looking at getting water to the surface.  This may be fine if you are just pumping the water to a tank right next to the bore.  However, if you are pumping water from the bore to a tank that is a fair distance away and uphill or feeding the house or irrigation line directly from the bore then that pump more than likely will not do the job. 
The combination of the ‘static head’, ‘pipe friction loss’ and ‘discharge pressure’ must be calculated.  Once you have this figure along with the required ‘flow’, then you can look at the pump’s flow chart.  This is how you select the correct pump for your needs.

If you are unsure or simply do not have all of the necessary bore details, Franklin Electric have motor protection devices that will protect the motor from running dry (and more). 
The Pumptec IR is used if your bore pump has a 2-wire or 3-wire motor size of 0.37kw to 1.1kw. 
The Pumptec Plus is used if your bore pump has a 2-wire, 3-wire or 3W-PSC motor from 0.37kw to 3.7kw. 
The Submonitor is used of your bore pump has a 3 phase motor from 2.2kw to 150kw.

It is always best to get a recommendation for a bore pump selection… even if you don’t have all of the details.

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