How to select the best winery pump for next vintage

Getting ready for next vintage? Read this piece on choosing the best wine pumps to make sure you get the best results.

The list of challenges in winemaking is never-ending. This year, on top of the usual considerations of climate, there have been additional stressful factors of bushfire, loss of tourism and cellar door visits due to COVID restrictions, and the political minefield of exports. Wondering how you’re going to get your international vintage workers here to pick the grapes?  Even the toughest of winemakers must be shaking their heads.

Who knows what next year may or may not bring? Is there any way to reduce uncertainty?

Winemakers are used to managing the many environmental factors beyond our control.  Climate, disease, the potential of reduced crops and coordinating the perfect time for harvesting the mature grapes at the perfect ripeness, is where the Winemakers’ great skill lies.

However, knowing the best equipment to buy, to make your job easier, might not come so easily. There is a great range of products available for the myriad of winery tasks. The best equipment is versatile and reliable, and that’s where Hydro Innovations can help.

Our expertise is in helping you to select the most suitable pump equipment for your specialist needs, AND get it to you in time for the next Vintage.

The Ragazzini Rotho Peristaltic hose pump is the gentlest and most versatile pump available to the Australian Wine Industry. The Rotho is an Italian made, quality peristaltic hose pump. The beauty of this pump is its versatility and its gentle pumping action.

The Ragazzini hose pump’s many capabilities include:

  • Passing the must into a press or vat,
  • Transferring pomace
  • Transfer from the press or vat into tanks or barrels for fermentation
  • Pumping over
  • Transferring to bottles
  • Pumping through filters
  • Pumping additives (dosing)
  • Run in reverse to empty or fill tanks.

Ragazzini peristaltic pumps operate at low speeds, so the transfer is done more gently than any other transfer process. This delicate treatment of the product ensures no crushing or tearing of stems, skins or seeds, which results in a decrease in the percentage of LEES produced, by up to 32%. The Ragazzini peristaltic hose pumps are ideal for pumping over during fermentation with a total control of exposure to oxygen. Oxygen can either be minimised or added if desired.

Ragazzini Hose Pumps can be equipped with a variable frequency drive which enables a 1-10 turn down ratio, giving operators a very large operational flow range. Units can also be used with matching screw feeders for grapes and grape bunches, or the screw feeder swapped for a flange and pulsation dampener to turn it into a wine pump. This gives wineries a very versatile and gentle transfer unit.

In addition to being the gentlest of pump types, peristaltic hose pumps do not have seals or valves. No seals mean less chance of air ingress and no issue with contamination. There are no moving parts in the fluid and it is a totally sealed pumping system.

Peristaltic pumps are self-priming [to 8.5m] and can be operated dry without damage. Ragazzini’s pumps are available with flow rates from 400 litres per hour up to 180,000 litres per hour. For portability, the Ragazzini hose pumps are available with wheel kits. Screw feeders are also available for versatility.


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