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Hurll Nu-Way

Hurll Nu-Way | Thermal Comfort, Process Heating Process Equipment

Hurll Nu-Way

Hurll Nu-Way is the application partner that understands how important the right equipment is for your business. That means peace of mind in knowing that you have the best possible outcome, and that’s our promise.

We support you to improve your business. Get in touch with one of our highly qualified application engineers and let us help you get the most energy efficient solution for your industrial and commercial needs.

It does not end there. We are always beside you with our prompt and passionate service especially when you need them most.

We believe that reliability is the greatest virtue in industry; that’s why we only offer our customers high quality equipment that will stand the test of time and rigour of industry.

Hurll Nu-Way’s portfolio of world-leading brands is grouped across four key segments:

Air Compression and Noise Suppression
Blowers, boosters, compressors and noise abating equipment

Pumping & Metering
Fluid transfer and mixing systems, pumps and flow meters

Industrial and Process Heating
Gas, oil and process burners and boilers

Thermal Comfort and HVAC
Efficient radiant and warm air heaters, HVLS fans and hot water boilers

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The engineering department adapts, fabricates and assembles the solution to suit your individual requirements.

A group of factory trained and experienced Technicians provide servicing of the equipment, while customer support is delivered both by professional mobile sales team and customer service.

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