Hydraulic spread cylinders available from Larzep Australia

Supplier: Larzep Australia
23 July, 2012

Larzep Australia introduces the European-designed Hydraulic Spread Cylinders Series, suited for a variety of applications including spacing pieces, positioning blocks located at close distances, positioning machines, as well as used in rescue equipment and maintenance industries.

The Hydraulic Spread Cylinders Series are available in two models with capacities of 0.8 with 220mm spread and 1 tonne with 90mm spread.

Features of the Larzep's Hydraulic Spread Cylinder Series:

  • CY0109G spread cylinder weighs 2kg and operates at a maximum pressure rating of 700 bar
  • CY00822 spread cylinder weighs 7kg and operates at 550 bar
  • CY0109G fits in small openings with a 15mm closed tip clearance and an effective surface area of 90cm²
  • CY00822G has a 31mm closed tip clearance and surface area of 14.5cm²
  • Both models are supplied with a high flow quick connect female coupler rated to 10,000 psi working pressure

Larzep Australia offers the Hydraulic Spread Cylinder Series in maintenance sets, which are designed to help overcome maintenance difficulties.