Importance of High Quality Photo ID Cards

Importance of High Quality Photo ID Cards

The Importance of High Quality Photo ID Cards

We live in a world that requires a good deal of security for businesses. Whether your business is in finance, education, hospitality, healthcare, or government, security is a top priority. The use of photo ID cards is an important component to ensure the safety and security of a business from theft, impersonation, fraud, and other crimes. However, in many cases not just any photo ID will do.


As noted, security is one of the main priorities for any company. If your employees do not have a high-quality ID, then your business risks a less secure environment. People can more easily copy a lower quality photo ID card. When your card does not have security protection and features embedded within it, then fraudulent persons may duplicate the card without much effort. However, using a high-quality photo ID card will ensure that your company is secure from those attempting to copy it.

There are many elements that all come together to produce a secure ID card. Including, high quality Plastic Card Printers, Photo Capture, Secure Holograms and other Visual Security Elements.

Easy Identification

One of the other main goals of a photo ID card is to be able to identify your employees. If you use an ID card that is of a grainy quality, then employees will not be easily identified. People will only need to glance at an ID that contains a crisp, clear, high-quality photo. This facilitates a smoother workflow and enables employees to move in and out of secure locations faster and with ease.

Making identification even easier is to pair the ID card with a lanyard, and high quality ID card holder to ensure the card is always on display.


Branding is an important part of promoting your business image to your customers. With the popularity of social media and online reviews, a strong brand image is more important than ever. A poor image could mar your brand for good. In addition, if your brand becomes associated with a low-quality product, the word can spread much faster than in times past. That’s why it’s so critical to have high-quality photo ID cards. This will allow customers to associate your brand with high-quality products and enhance your image.

People may wonder how they can be sure to produce high-quality photo ID cards?

3 Tips for Capturing High Quality Photos for Your ID Cards

Consider Lighting

Lighting is a key factor in taking the photo IDs. Nothing looks worse than having a picture with a bright glare or a dark shadow on the person’s face. It’s best to use natural lighting when possible and have the light behind the photographer, not the person being photographed. Another key element in good lighting is to make sure it’s consistent.

Quality Of Camera

Working with a cheap camera will produce cheap results. You want to make sure your camera is suited to your environment andoptimal for the results you’re looking for. There are many Webcameras on the market today that with the right lighting and background environments can take a reasonable Photo for ID cards.

We find that many organisations are actually in need of something more sophisticated and flexible given they don’t always have a perfect Photo capture station.


Some people don’t think much about the background but this is just as important as the lighting in some ways. Using a solid-colored backdrop will give the photo IDs a professional appearance. Choose a color that is neutral and blends well with most clothing that people will wear. Black is not really a good option because people with very dark brown or black hair tend to blend into the background. A grey or light blue is a calm, neutral color that blends well with just about any clothing or hair color.

Capturing high-quality photos is a critical first step in order to secure photo ID cards. Photo ID cards will help protect your business from fraud, theft, and other security breaches. At Identity People, we help businesses with photo ID solutions by offering high-end photo ID printers and supplies. Connect with us today for more information about how to secure your business.

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