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Intercel was established in 1989 as a designer, manufacturer and supplier of Wireless Data Solutions in Australia and New Zealand. Today Intercel manufactures a range of products including GSM/GPRS and 3G Modems for use in the fast expanding Machine to Machine market.
Our products are used for litterally hundreds of applications including Security, telematics, PLC, Meter reading, remote telemetry. vending machines, parking meters, road signs, displays, eftpos... the list is only limited by your imagination.

Today InterCEL exports to Europe and Asia as well as looking after our Australian and New Zealand customers.

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InterCEL supplies under contract to some of Australias biggest companies. The reason InterCEL continues to win this business is simple.

InterCEL may provide technology to enable Machine to Machine applications, but it is the people to people relationship between InterCEL and it's customers that is the key. In short we take pride in making sure that our customers are happy with the products, service, support, and that any unforseen problems are quickly overcome. That makes our customers lives a little easier, and that in turn makes our lives more satisfying.

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