Introducing Cordless Container & Security Seal Cutters from Stainelec

Available from Stainelec is the MU16 cordless container & security seal cutter. Designed to offer increased safety in addition to flexible & easy to use controls for easier operation.

The MU16 cutting range has been used extensively in the rebar manufacturing, precast industry & steel fabrication markets but has been sought after and use by customs agents, emergency services & industrial services for cutting security seals, locks & chains on shipping containers.

Compact in design and powerful in performance, the MU16 range of cutters produce 14 Tons of hydraulic force to cut 16mm high tensile material.

These tools can be supplied with a protector guard on the front handle grip (for protection from flying particles) and a shoulder strap for easier support that complies with WH&S standards when using the cutter for any cutting application.

Key features of the MU16 Lock & Seal Cutters:

  • Designed for cutting hardened container seals & security locks
  • Special hardened tool steel blades with 3 cutting edges for convenient rotation when needed
  • Produces 14 Tons of hydraulic force
  • 16mm material cutting capacity with a reliable efficient cutting speed
  • Cordless model is powered by a 18V Li-Ion DeWalt Battery & Motor
  • Electric model is powered by an air cooled 230V motor 
  • All tools are made to ISO 9001 Quality Certification
  • The MU16 range is available in both cordless & electric (rear & top handle) models.
  • Made in Italy

Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment are the Australian agents for all MU16 tools & spare parts and are available now. 


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